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Recently Arrived

A laboratory course in C++ / Nell Dale

Pub. Date: 2005 - Call Number: 005.133 DAL

Computing essentials 2010 / Timothy J. O'Leary, Linda I. O'Leary

Pub. Date: 2010 - Call Number: 004 OLE


Discrete mathematics for computing / Peter Grossman

Pub. Date: 2009 - Call Number: 004.0151 GRO

Database systems : models, languages, design, and application programming / Ramez Elmasri, Shamkant B. Navathe

Pub. Date: 2011 - Call Number: 005.74 ELM

Fundamentals of game design / Ernest Adams

Pub. Date: 2014 - Call Number:794.81536 ADA

The divine proportion : a study in mathematical beauty / by H. E. Huntley

Pub. Date: 1970 - Call Number: 510.01 HUN

Object - oriented analysis & design / Object-oriented analysis and design Andrew Haigh

Pub. Date: 2001 - Call Number: 005.117 HAI

Advanced transport systems : Analysis, Modeling, and Evaluation of Performances / Milan Janic

Pub. Date: 2014 - Call Number: 307.12 JAN

Fundamentals of database systems / Database systems Ramez Elmasri, Shamkant B. Navathe

Pub. Date: 2003 - Call Number: 005.74 ELM

Computing essentials : making IT work for you : complete 2011 / Timothy J. O'Leary, Linda I. O'Leary

Pub. Date: 2011 - Call Number: 004 OLE

Competitive programming. the new lower bound of programming contests / 3 : Steven Halim, Felix Halim

Pub. Date: 2013 - Call Number: 005.1 HAL

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How do we find ICS books in our Library catalogue?

  1.   Write in the search Catalogue box the word: operating systems
  2. Choose the book from the result list
  3. Under “Status” you will see whether the book is available or on loan
  4. Under "Location" you will know its place
  5. Use the “Call number” to get the book from the shelves


Featured Books from the Library Catalogue (OPAC)

How do I find my recommended readings?

To find your recommended readings, go to your course home page on the e-learning & click on the Module Specifications-pdf file to find your reading list in the last page and then find the location of the books by searching the Library catalogue.

How to Read Call Numbers?

A call number is the address of a book on the shelf; it is a combination of numbers and letters. In the BUE Library we use the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) as part of the call number besides the first three letters of the author’s last name (or the first three letter of the title in case there are more than 3 authors).

What are the Possible Call Numbers for CS Books according to DDC?

CS books can be found in Library 2.

Guide to Call Numbers in CS:

  • 001.42 Research methods
  • 001.5 Communication
  • 001.6 Computer science
  • 001.94 Mysteries
  • 003 Systems (operations research, computer modeling & simulation, information theory, chaos theory)
  • 004 Computer hardware
  • 005.1-005.5 Computer programming & programs (programming languages, compilers, desktop applications)
  • 005.7 Website and Database Design
  • 005.8 Computer security
  • 006.3 Artificial intelligence
  • 006.4 Computer pattern recognition
  • 006.5 Digital audio
  • 006.6 Computer graphics
  • 006.74 Markup languages
  • 006.76 Internet& web programming
  • 006.8 Virtual reality
  • 025.04 Information storage &retrieval systems

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