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TurnItIn2 for Insturctors: User Guides, Manuals & Tutorials Create a Standard Class

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This guide will help you getting started with Turnitin.

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Create a Standard Class

The creation of a class is the first step to access & use Turnitin. A class is equal to course & the instructor should create a single class for each course & expire each one at the end of sem. according to the nature of the assignment.

To create a Standard Class




  • Click the "+ Add Class" button on the instructor homepage
  • On the next screen do the following:

  1. Choose "Standard Class" from the class type, If you are going to be the only instructor responsible for this class without any TAs or co-instrctors.
  2. Enter the name for the class (the name of the course)
  3. Enter the class enrollment password (an easy password)
  4. Select the subject area that best fits the class
  5. Select the student level that best fits the class
  6. Select the end date for the class (it should be the end date of the semester.)once the end date has passed, the class will be expired & not accessible for submissions.
  7. Click "submit" to add the class.
  8. Class information will be displayed in a pop-up window containing the ID and enrollment password for confirmation (should be sent to students)








9. Now you can view your class on your homepage





Move to the next page to create your assignment.

Convert a Standard Class to a Master Class

To convert a standard class to a master class and set the co-instructor or TA , please do the following:

  1. Click on the "Edit" icon for the class.


  3. Click on the button labeled "Convert to master class".


  5. Click on the "Edit" icon for the new section.



  7. Modify the co-instructor or TA information & then click "Submit"







  9. Confirm that the section name and section enrollment password are correct & then click "Submit".






  11. Provide the class ID and the class enrollment password for the section to students for enrollment.






  13. This how the section appears in your home page






Note: All students and submissions that were previously in the standard class will automatically be moved to the section class. To access the section, please click on the section name.  Students will not know that anything has changed. If you have students who are not yet enrolled in the class, they will need the section ID and Password to enroll.

Important to Read

To prevent students from creating duplicated accounts, the instructor can do the followings:

  • When creating a class on Turnitin, please inform your students with the class id & enrollment password of your class on the e-learning or via the BUE mail so they can enroll into it successfully.
  • Identify a period of time in which your students will enroll in your class & after this period passed, change the password secretly so that they won’t enroll again with a personal mail.