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TurnItIn2 for Insturctors: User Guides, Manuals & Tutorials View & Interpret the Originality Report

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This guide will help you getting started with Turnitin.

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The Assignment's Inbox

View your Students' Originality Reports

To view the Originality Reports for your students' submissions, please do the following:

  1. Log into your Turnitin account.
  2. Click on the class name.


  4. Click on "view" to view the assignment inbox.



  6. Click on the percentage under the "Similarity" heading.


  8. The Originality Report will open in a new window.
  If a student states that he/she has submitted a paper but it is not in your inbox, please request the digital receipt from your student. 



Digital Receipt: This automatically appears on-screen after a successful submission to Turnitin. The digital receipt is also emailed to the student. If a digital receipt is not received at any point, then the paper was not successfully submitted to Turnitin.

Interpret the Originality Report (Document Viewer interface)

Document Viewer Interface


  • Turnitin does not tell Instructors whether a paper has or has not been plagiarized.  Originality Reports are just useful tools to help instructors locate potential sources of plagiarism, or text which may have been incorrectly cited. 
  • The percentage indicates the overall similarity based on how much matching text was found between the submitted file & Turnitin databases, it is ranging between 0% to 100% as shown in the photo below.

  • The higher the similarity score, the greater the amount of similar text came up in the Originality Report. the highlighted text in your document is color coded and numbered to match the sources on the right.

Follow a matching source in detail

  • The "Match Overview" is the default viewing mode for Originality Reports, where you can find a list of sources that have the greatest matches with the submitted paper on the right sidebar, each matching text, that is highlighted & numbered on the left, is referred to on the "Match Overview" box on the right sidebar.

  • Click on each number on the submitted text to view a pop up with the original text in a black colour while the one written in red is the submitted text.

Apply filters

  • Click on filters and Setting button to reduce the similarity score by excluding bibliographic information, quotations and small matches when they are flagged. once the exclusion done, a recalculation to the overall similarity score will happen as shown below.

  • Click on "New Report" will refresh the report based on the most recent Turnitin database content only if you believe there are recent sources that were not matched in the first report.

Print the Originality Report (PDF version)

To download or print the Originality Report from the Document Viewer interface:

  1. Click the printer icon at the bottom left of the screen.
  2. Select "Download PDF of current view for printing."
  3. A popup window will come up, and after a short time there will be a link: "Click here to download your file.”
  4. Save or open the report as a PDF file to print it.

Print the Originality Report (text-Only view)

To print a copy of the Originality Report from the Text-Only Report view:

  1. Click on the button at the bottom right of the screen "Text-Only Report". 

  3. Click on the printer icon at the top right & confirm that you'd like to print.