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Energy & Environmental Engineering: Dissertations & Theses

A guide to useful resources related to energy engineering

Dissertations' Databases

Access is provided by the Egyptian Knowledge Bank - researcher's portal. (Registration is required using your National ID)

Open Repositories for Theses & Dissertations

BUE Scholar

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Printed Books on How to Write Dissertations & Theses

The Library Catalogue has many books on writing dissertations and theses. To find these books, use the following search methods:

In the Basic Search , type dissertation, academic as a subject search.


In the Advanced Search, type technical writing as a subject search & engineer* as a keyword search.


E-Books on How to Write Dissertations & Theses

Get Help from Your Subject Librarian

  Your subject librarian Miss Wessam El Abd. can support you during your thesis or dissertation research and writing:

  • Shows you the library services that you will need.
  • Helps you get the most out of the resources (databases, etc.) you need for your research.
  • Assists you with citation and referencing.

Writing Help

Turnitin is an effective tool used for displaying and comparing texts that are similar to the submitted research across the internet and other sources. That will help students to develop their writing by using their own words rather than quoting or copying & pasting.

Useful Study Skills guides from Emerald Insight include:

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