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Turnitin through E-learning: Submit as a Student

How to use Turnitin through E-learning

To submit a paper as a student

1. Click on the assignment’s icon on the course home page.

2. Click on the arrow icon to upload your paper.

  • Choose the method for uploading your text by either file upload or text submission (pasting the text into the box).
  •  Write the title of your paper.
  •  In case you choose “File Upload”, drag and drop your file or click on the Add icon to browse for your file.
  •  Click on “Add Submission” to submit your text.

  • Students will receive a Turnitin Digital Receipt to ensure that the submission was successful.
  • Originality reports will be generated for the 1st submission within 2-5 minutes, depending on the load on the server and the size of the file.
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