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Turnitin through E-learning: Home

How to use Turnitin through E-learning

1. How to create an assignment?

1. Login to the E-Learning website
2. Choose one of your courses.
3. Click on Turn editing on located in the down left corner (make sure that it’s changed to Turn editing off).

Or click on Turn editing on located in the upper right corner (make sure that it’s changed to Turn editing off).

4. Click on Add an activity under the week that you’d like your assignment to appear within and select Turnitin Assignment 2


1. Enter the Name of the assignment (mandatory).

2. Write a summary about your assignment in the white box (optional) and check next to Display description on course page.

3. Select the submission type for the assignment (the most popular: by File Upload).

4. Choose the Number of Parts of this assignment if you are going to allow multiple parts/submissions for a single assignment.

5. Set this option to the default (No) to allow for submissions accepted only by Turnitin.

6. Choose Yes to allow students to see the Originality Reports for the assignment, or No to hide it.

7. Assign the dates/times for the assignment.

  • Start Date: Specify the start date and time for the assignment.
  • Due Date: Select the due date and time for the assignment so students will not be able to submit their papers after this date (deadline).
  • Post Date: This is the date and time students will have access to their grades. It should be after the due date.

Originality Report Options

8. Click Yes or No to allow for submissions after the due date.

9. Select how the report will be generated.

Note: when choosing (Generate reports immediately resubmissions are allowed until due date) Originality Reports for the first three resubmissions will generate immediately. After the third resubmission, a 24-hour delay is required for generating later reports.

10. Choose the location for saving submissions.

Selecting the “no repository” option in case the instructor’s like to check a personal paper, so it will not be stored in the Turnitin standard paper repository for future comparisons

11. Check the databases that Turnitin will compare submissions against.

12. Select whether you want to exclude/ include bibliographic information, quotations or the amount of small matches by setting a number of words or a percentage from all originality reports or not.

2. GradeMark Options (for grading papers online)

13. Choose an existing rubric to attach for grading this assignment or use “Launch Rubric Manager” to upload or create a new rubric or skip this step.

14. Click on Save and Display.

15. The assignment will appear as below in your inbox.

a. Click on the pencil icon near the title or the dates to edit them and press Enter to save your changes.

16. The assignment will appear as below in your weekly plan

.a. Click on edit then edit settings to edit your assignment’s settings.

3. To submit a paper on behalf of a student

1. Click on the assignment’s name on the course page.
2. Click on the “arrow” icon in the submission inbox to start submitting your paper.

3. Follow the steps below to submit your file.

  • Upload your file using the “File Upload” option or “Text Submission”.
  • Enter a submission title.
  • Click on the “Add” icon to browse for your file or on the “arrow” icon to drag and drop it.
  • Click “Add submission”.

  • Click on the title of the assignment or the colour coded similarity score to view each originality report.
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