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Subject Advisor Appointments

We aim to give you the confidence to use library and information resources independently to enhance your academic experience and achievement.

What we can do

Offer help, advice, training, support and documentation to students and staff undertaking research, project work, essays and/or dissertations.

Contact me to arrange a 1-1 session - this may be conducted in person, via email, over the phone, or online via Skype. A typical session may include: 

  • Introduction to library services and resources
  • Identification of and training in using key databases and information sources in your subject area
  • Explanation of the principles of literature searching and help in constructing a search strategy
  • Troubleshooting complex/systematic literature reviews
  • Introduction to referencing software
  • Helping to keep you up to date with research

Appointments will last for a maximum 45 minutes. These sessions will be initially provided on a limited offer of 2 sessions per student, per semester.

What we can't do

  • Conduct your literature search(es) for you
  • Offer any qualitative assessment of references found through a literature search
  • Write or proof-read your assignments
  • Offer an opinion on any mark that you might receive for your written work
  • Become involved in decisions relating to academic regulations, such as extenuating circumstances.

If you would like more information on skills such as academic writing, effective learning, note taking and presentation skills, please see the Academic Study Skills Centre. There is also advice for students with additional needs on the Disability and Learning Support site.

What we expect of you 

  • Notify us as soon as possible if you cannot attend a booked session. It's important that you do this so we can, if necessary, offer the session to someone else
  • Ensure that you arrive on time for the session
  • Prepare for a 1-1 session by reading the suggested links and ensuring that you bring any material suggested by your Subject Advisor
  • Help us improve what we offer by using our feedback and evaluation system

Working Hours

Normal working hours:

Sat. - Thu. : 8:45 AM – 7:45 PM

Summer & Midyear Break:

Sun. - Thu. : 8:45 AM - 4:15 PM

Training Sessions

Contact Us

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