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Mechanical Engineering: Find Printed Books & References

Use this guide to help you locating Mechanical Engineering resources available through BUE Library and beyond.

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How do we find Mechanical books in our Library catalogue?

  1.   Write in the search Catalogue box the word: mechatronics
  2. Choose the book from the result list
  3. Under “Status” you will see whether the book is available or on loan
  4. Under "Location" you will know its place
  5. Use the “Call number” to get the book from the shelves

You need to log into the library website to check your borrowed items, fines (if there are any) 

To get your user name & password, you need to pass by the Circulation Desk at the Library or send an e-mail to

If you have a recommendation for a book to purchase for architectural engineering, click below to submit your suggestions

But If you would like to recommend a printed book, login to your library account, perform a catalogue search then click on "Suggest for purchase".

To find your recommended readings, go to your course home page on the e-learning & click on the Module Specifications-pdf file to find your reading list in the last page and then find the location of the books by searching the Library catalogue.

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How to Read Call Numbers?

A call number is the address of a book on the shelf; it is a combination of numbers and letters. In the BUE Library we use the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) as part of the call number besides the first three letters of the author’s last name (or the first three letter of the title in case there are more than 3 authors).

What are the Possible Call Numbers for Mechanical Engineering Books according to DDC?

Mechanical books can be found in Library 1.

Guide to Call Numbers in Mechanical engineering:

  • 510 Mathematics

  • 531 Classical mechanics

  • 519 Probabilities & applied mathematics

  • 521 Celestial mechanics

  • 530 Physics

  • 532 Fluid mechanics

  • 533 Pneumatics (gas mechanics)

  • 604.2 Technical drawing

  • 613.62 Industrial & occupational health

  • 620 Engineering & related operations

  • 620.0044 Design, testing, measurement & quality

  • 620.103 -107 Engineering mechanics (applied mechanics)

  • 620.11 Engineering materials

  • 620.14 Ceramic & allied materials

  • 620.192 Polymers

  • 620.3 Mechanical vibration

  • 621 Mechanical Engineering

  • 621.042 Energy engineering

  • 621.3 Electrical, magnetic, optical, communications, computer engineering; electronics

  • 621.4 Heat engineering including internal-combustion engines& electric motors)

  • 621.5 Pneumatic, vacuum, low-temperature technologies

  • 621.8 Machine engineering

  • 624.15 Engineering geology

  • 624.17 Structural analysis & design

  • 627 Hydraulic engineering

  • 629.134 Aircraft components

  • 670.42 Manufacturing

  • 629.8 Automatic control engineering

  • 658.4034 Operations research

  • 658.562 Quality control

  • 658.5752 Product design

  • 671 Metalworking processes &primary metal products

  • 697 Heating, ventilation, air-conditioning engineering

  • 808.0666 Technical writing

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