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OnePetro Database Guide: Basic Search

This guides shows you how to access and use OnePetro, the definitive resource on upstream oil and gas.

Basic Search

The basic search searches the entire OnePetro database for the keyword(s) or phrase(s) entered.

To perform a basic search

1. Enter your search term(s) in the search field.

2. Click "Search".

Search Results

1. Number of results 2. Sort your results by Relevance, Most Recent, Highest Rated

3. Narrow your results by:

Publication date, Journal/Conference title, Publisher, Item Type:

conference paper, presentation,...

4. Click to download the full text
5. Export citations with APA to files. RIS or CSV 6. Save this item to your account
7. Click to view the abstract for this item 8. Check the number of downloads for this item

Item Record

  • Click on the title of any of your search results to find more details.






  • A full record of your item will appear, where you will find information about (Authors, Document ID, Publisher, Source, Publication Date, Document Type, Language, Copyright. number of downloads).

Search Tip

If you are looking for an SPE paper and you know its ID number, then search for the Paper Number rather than the title (eg. SPE-921156-G).

This will give you a direct access to your required paper.

Other Resources

Try these subject wikis:

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