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OnePetro Database Guide: Advanced Search

This guides shows you how to access and use OnePetro, the definitive resource on upstream oil and gas.

Advanced Search

By using the advanced search, you will make a search query using more than one keyword & search in different fields (Full Text, Author, Company/Institution, Publisher/Journal and Conference).

To perform an advanced search

1. Click on the Advanced search link




2. Choose your search field by (eg: Full text).

3. Select your search mode to search using Exact phrase or without (eg: Exact phrase).

4. Type your search term in the search box (eg: drilling engineering).

5. Click Add.

6. your search query will appear above.





7. Enter another search term (eg: well logging).

8. Click Add.

9. your search query will appear above.





10. Choose another search field (eg: Publisher).

11. Scroll down to select a specific publisher (eg: World Petroleum Congress).

12. Press Add.












13. Click Search to apply your search query.

Helping sheet

Help Page

OnePetro has a help page. There is a link to this in the top right corner of the homepage.

It includes frequently asked questions on how to use OnePetro.

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