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Research and Communication Skills Course: Finding Online Resources

A Library instruction guide for Research & Communication Skills course taught in year 1 Civil & CEM

Subject Heading Field Searching in Academic Search Complete Database

Subject Heading Field Searching:

A subject heading is a standard keyword (or phrase) used in a database to describe a concept. Most databases have their own subject headings, so when you search a different database, you will need to check their own list subject headings.

Using subject headings will retrieve very focused search results.

To check the Subject terms list in the Academic Search Complete database, click on "Subject terms" located at the top.

Refining Search Results in EBSCO Discovery Service

When searching the EDS, use the Filters feature located on the left side of the results page to filter your search results according to:

  • Year
  • Resource type
  • Subject
  • Language
  • Geography

EBSCO Discovery Service Tutorials

Top Databases to Search

EBSCO Discovery Service

EBSCO Discovery Service

E-Books Databases

Evaluating information Sources

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