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TurnItIn for Students: User Guides, Manuals & Tutorials: Switching between Feedback Studio, Turnitin Classic & Text Only Views

A step by step guide on how to use Turnitin for students

Toggling between Feedback Studio and Turnitin Classic or Text Only Modes

You can switch between Turnitin Feedback Studio,Turnitin Classic (Document Viewer), Text Only Report modes as many times as you wish. Simply follow the instructions below to learn how to do this:

  • If you were on the Feedback Studio mode and would like to return to Turnitin Classic (Document Viewer) or Text Only mode, click on Return to Turnitin Classic or Text Only Report at the bottom fo the page. 
  • This will reload either Turnitin Classic (Document Viewer) or Text Only mode.

Toggling between Document Viewer & Feedback Studio or Text Only Report Modes

  • If you' were at the Document Viewer and would like to switch to Feedback Studio, navigate to the top of the document and click Try the new Feedback Studio.
  • This will reload the Feedback Studio view.
  • If you' were at the Document Viewer and would like to go to the Text Only mode, click on "Text-Only Report" button at the bottom right side.
  • This will reload the Text Only view.

Toggling between Text Only & Document Viewer Mode

  • If you' were at the Text Only and would like to go to the Document Viewer mode, click on "Document Viewer" button at the top-left side.
  • This will reload the Document Viewer.
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