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TurnItIn for Students: User Guides, Manuals & Tutorials: Turnitin Draft Coach

A step by step guide on how to use Turnitin for students

What is Turnitin Draft Coach

Turnitin Draft Coach helps students become more confident writers by giving immediate feedback on inadvertent plagiarism, citation and grammar issues while students write in Word Microsoft 365 on the web.

PS: Kindly note that these trials will not be saved in the Turnitin Database.

Turnitin Draft Coach is not available to use via Android or iOS as Google Add-ons are not available within Google Docs on mobile devices. You will need to open your Google Doc on a laptop or desktop computer in order to access Google Add-ons.

How to use Turnitin Draft Coach

1. Login to your BUE email through a browser

2. Open Word online from your BUE email

3. Open a new blank document

 Open A new blank document

4. Wait until the Turnitin tab is appeared then click on it,

then click on Draft Coach

5. To check the similarity after completing your draft click on Go to Similarity


6. Click on Run Similarity Check "allow pop-up windows in this step to proceed".

7. Now you can see your Similarity on Turnitin Draft Coach

 If you have made changes to your assignment and would like to run a new report, select Run New Similarity Check. Draft Coach will tell you how many checks available to be used. "you have only 3 trials on every session"


To Download the report, click on View Full Report

At the left side click the Share button, then choice Download

To exclude the reference part from the similarity, click the edit icon in upper right corner

Choose exclude Bibliography then Done

How to use Citation Check

The Citations Check is used to help you identify when your citations are missing references or when your references are missing citations. This check focuses on identifying matching pairs of citations and references that you include in your text.

1. Click on Go To Citations

2. Click on Run Citation Check to get started.

3. A summary will be shown, and a list of all issues will appear below.

How to use Grammar check

Grammar Guide searches your draft for any grammatical issues using US-English grammar rules. Any potential errors will be highlighted, categorized, and listed with suggestions on how they could be corrected.

1. Click on Go To Grammar

2. Your Grammar Guide will detect any potential grammatical issues in your writing.

3. A summary will be shown, and a list of all issues will appear below.

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