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Events of the Faculty of Law Tunisian Constitution and Religion

Tunisian Constitution and Religion

The Faculty of Law is inviting all the university members to attend 
The first seminar on 
“Economic Rationality of Legislation in the Arab Region: The limits of amending legal text” 
organized by 
The Faculty of Law - British University in Egypt 
in cooperation with 
The Institute of Law and Economics - Hamburg University in Germany and Faculty of Law and Political Sciences – Sousse University in Tunisia.
  “Tunisian Constitution and Religion"
Professor Montassar El Ouradi
On Monday, 14th  October, 2019 at 09:00 am - 11:00 am in Lecture Hall  (2), Building (15)
The Seminar will adopt new approaches to understand the rationality of law making in Tunisia as part of the Arab Region. Through spurring discussions, the seminar can provide meaningful insights to legal issues and policy debates.