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This Subject Guide is a good place to get started looking for information. It includes lists for useful resources (websites, article databases, books,..) in Communication and Mass Media field

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Welcome to "Communication and Mass Media" Subject Guide. Here you have a starting point to find information and different resources related to Communication and Mass Media, including:

Radio and Television - Journalism and Reporting - Integrated Marketing Communication - Cinema,Film Studies and New Media. You can find all that in our databases, books, websites and journals for your assignments and researches.

For any help please do not hesitate to contact: 

Sara ElBakry

FCMM Events

Photography Exhibition

The Faculty of Communication and Mass Media will be organising this interesting event:

"Order & Chaos" 7th Photography Exhibition, Year 2019-2020 under supervision of Dr Fatma Hamdy, which will be held on Wednesday the 18th at 10:00 am, at BUE Auditorium.


"Challenge and Change" - English Talks Community

The Faculty of Communication and Mass Media is glad to invite you to attend the second event of the "English Talks Community", which is the first English community that uses extracurricular activities to motivate students to learn and use language effectively. The second event is a talk show titled "Challenge and Change", which is prepared and performed by the Faculty's brilliant students under the supervision of the English team. This will be on Thursday 19th of December, 2019 at 1:30 pm in the BUE Auditorium.


Dr. Samir Seif Memorial Service

In Cooperation with the Artistic Syndicates Union the Faculty of Communication and Mass Media at the British University will be hosting a Memorial Service for Dr Samir Seif Head of Filming Department at the Faculty. In presence of a number of actors, directors and critics; the service will be held on Saturday 21st of December, 2019 at the BUE Auditorium 06:00 pm.

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