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Communication and Mass Media Databases

This Subject Guide is a good place to get started looking for information. It includes lists for useful resources (websites, article databases, books,..) in Communication and Mass Media field

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BBC Monitoring

BBC Monitor supports research in international relations and media, translates and analyses reports from global media.

BBC Monitoring’s content is relevant to studies of international relations, political science, war studies, terrorism, journalism, and media.

What is a Database?

A Database is a collection of information organised to be retrieved in an efficient way. This could be in different formats as follows:

  • Journal articles
  • Conference papers
  • Reports
  • Books
  • Patents
  • Standards

Some databases focus on a specific area while others cover a wide range of subjects, for example: Academic Search Complete covers a wide range of topics like Engineering, Computer Science, Physics, Business, Political Science...etc. While "Communication & Mass Media Complete" covers Mass Media files only. 

Books and Articles Databases

Specific Databases:
Databases covering a wide range of subjects:

Multimedia Archives & Databases

Citation Databases

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NOTE: Due to license agreements, some journals and/or specific issues may not be available in full-text.

Use our Document Supply Service to obtain a full text of what is not available within our e-collection. You just need to fill in the form on this page and we will do our best to get it for you.
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