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Tips on creating your unique ID number and profile as a researcher via some web services

What is a Researcher ID?


A unique permanent identifier that links a researcher's name to their works. This is particularly useful when:

  • Multiple researchers have similar names especially in a large discipline, it will be hard to distinguish one author from another.
  • Researchers write their names differently depending on the context or when writing in other languages.

Researcher profile

Researcher profile is providing a single point to credit all research publications, projects, prizes, activities, media coverage and community impacts. 

It is important to have a researcher profile to:

  • Avoid author disambiguation,
  • Showcase your research to the world,
  • Update your publications list,
  • Generate citation metrics,
  • Attract other researcher for potential collaborators,
  • Maximise your opportunity for grant applications,
  • Generate a personal CV on demand.

So it’s critical that author profile data is up to date and accurate to be used for funding, promotion and for other research performance based decisions.

What to include in your researcher profile?

  • Publications.

  • Awards and prizes.

  • International engagement.

  • Research grants.

  • Peer-reviewing.


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