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TurnItIn for Students: User Guides, Manuals & Tutorials: Advice on Submitting Excel Files to Turnitin

A step by step guide on how to use Turnitin for students

Steps to follow before Submitting an Excel File to Turnitin

Before submitting an Excel file to Turnitin, please consider the following:

Ensure that the data is fully previewed in your file.

  • Check if the data, columns and rows in each sheet is previewed completely or not by clicking on Data tab, then choosing Page Break Preview.






  • If the blue line in the middle of the table as seen below, then your data will not appear completely on Turnitin






  • Drag this blue line to the end of the sheet, so your full data will appear within the 2 blue lines.






  • Apply the same steps for the rest of the sheets
  • When uploading your file to Turnitin, check again the Preview before clicking on Confirm
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