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TurnItIn2 for Insturctors: User Guides, Manuals & Tutorials View Class Statistics

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This guide will help you getting started with Turnitin.

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View your Class Statistics

Instructors can check the usage statistics for each of their Turnitin classes.

To access the statistics page:

  1. Select the "All Classes" tab to see the statistics icon.



  3. Click on the icon under the "statistics" column to the right of the class name.


  5. The statistics page will list information about the class in a table with the following options:
    • Export to excel- Download the information from the class statistics page in a Microsoft® Excel spreadsheet format."
    • Show/Hide Dropped and Deleted Students - Decide which students to include.
    • Show Date Range: The default view will show the cumulative statistics since the creation of the class but you can display information for a selected date range by using the "Show:" pull down menu on the statistics page and select stats for a specific date range. Ranges of dates available for the class will appear. Select the desired dates and click on "submit date range" to update the stats page to only reflect these dates.
    • View QuickMark Breakdown for an assignment: Click the "view" link on the far right (underneath the column entitled "QuickMark Breakdown") of the assignment of interest.

  7. The columns indicate the following information:
    • name - the class, section or assignment name
    • join/enrollment password - the class TA join or student enrollment password
    • ID - the class, section, or assignment ID number
    • students - number of students enrolled in the class
    • submissions - total number of files submitted to all assignments in the class
    • Originality Reports - total number of Originality Reports generated for submissions
    • percentage ranges (75-100%, 50-74%, 25-49%, 0-24%, or no matches) - the number of Originality Reports whose overall similarity index was in the indicated percentage range
    • peer reviews - number of student peer reviews written
    • grademarks - number of papers that have been marked with GradeMark
    • graded papers - number of papers given a numeric grade
    • discussion replies - number of responses posted in discussion board topics