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TurnItIn for Insturctors: User Guides, Manuals & Tutorials: Create a Master Class

This guide will help you getting started with Turnitin.

What is a Master Class?

A master class enables instructors to share the classes with TAs or co-instructors throughout sections. The master class instructor can set up sections for the other instructors. These instructors are referred to in the master/section class system as Teaching Assistants (TA’s).

Each TA or co-instructor can only access his/her single section of a master class; but the master class instructor can access all of the submissions to every section.

1. Create a Master Class

The creation of a class is the first step to access & use Turnitin. A class is equal to course & the instructor should create a single class for each course & expire each one at the end of sem. according to the nature of the assignment.

To create a Master Class

  • Click the "+ Add Class" button on the instructor homepage



  • On the next screen, please do the following:

  1. Choose "Master Class" from the "class type:" pull down menu.
  2. Enter the name for the class (the name of the course).
  3. Enter the TA join password.
  4. Select the subject area that best fits the class.
  5. Select the student level that best fits the class.
  6. Select the end date for the class (it should be the end date of the semester).Once the end date has passed, the class will be expired & not accessible for submissions.
  7. Click on submit.





  9. Class information will be displayed in a pop-up window containing the ID and join password for confirmation (should be sent to TAs or co-instructors to join the class & create sections on your behalf).







9. Now you can view your class on your homepage.








Students will not be able to enroll in the Master Class directly, they must enroll in a section class which must be created separately, after creating the Master Class & then they can be informed with the section ID & enrollment password.

2. Adding Sections to the Master Class

New sections are manually created only by the master class instructor. Each TA/co-instructor can be assigned to one section.

1. Click on the +Section link to add a new section.



2. Enter the first name, last name & Email address of the TA/co-instructor, then Click Submit.








3. Enter a name for the section (TA's or co-instructor's name) and enrollment key, then click Submit.


A pop up window will appear with the Class/Section ID and enrollment key for each section. (This should be sent to the students).

The assigned TA/co-instructor will receive an email from Turnitin (either in inbox or Junk folders) welcoming them to the class, or with details on how they can create a Turnitin account.

3. Creating Assignments in a Master Class

Within a master class, you as a master class instructor can set up assignments or in each section as well. If the assignments are set up within the master class, the master class instructor will need to "push" the assignments to the sections.

Creating an Assignment within the Master Class

  1. Click on the master class name from the instructor hompage



  2. Click on "New Assignment" button to create your asignment.



  4. Refer to the page "Create an Assignment" to set up your assignment.
  5. In the Optional settings, in the create assignment page, click to push the assignment you are creating to the sections or to save it for later.




  7. Complete the steps of creating your assignment & click "Submit"

4. Adding Assignments to Section Classes (Master Class Instructor only)

The Assignment Status in the Master Class Homepage

The master class homepage displays all assignments created in the master class. The "assign to sections" column shows whether an assignment has been pushed to sections and whether it has been pushed to all or only selected sections.
  • "Not Pushed" indicates that an assignment has not been pushed to any sections.
  • "Fully Pushed" indicates that an assignment will appear in all existing sections.
  • "Partially Pushed" indicates that an assignment has been pushed to one or more section(s), but not to all sections.

To "Push" an Assignment to a Section (Master Class Instructors only)

  1. On the master class homepage, Click on the green plus icon under the "Assign to Sections" column.



  3. Select (or deselect) the "Push Assignment Dates" check box.
  4. Note: If you select the "Push Assignment Dates" check box, the Master Class instructor will push the assignment dates set in the assignment creation process. In case of deselecting the "Push Assignment Dates" check box, the TA assigned for each section should set the assignment dates before students in each of those sections can submit to the assignment.

  5. Select (or deselect) the check box next to each section name to push to that section.
  6. Note: By default, all sections are marked to receive the assignment. To not have the assignment pushed to a section remove the check mark from the check box before clicking submit. The assignment will not be pushed to that section.

  7. Use the "Submit" button to "push" the assignment to the selected section(s).



  9. The assignment is now "fully pushed" with dates to all sections.

5. Enrolling Students into the Section Class

The master class does not allow students to enroll. Students can be enrolled into the sections of the master class in the same ways as students enrolling into standard classes and will see each section as a separate class. 

Students can enroll in the sections by many ways:

  • Self-enrolling by using "Enroll in a class" option if they already have had accounts on Turnitin or "Reset pasword" option if they forgot their passsword; but if they were 1st time users, then they should create a user profile using the section ID and section enrollment password.

  • Students can be added to the section class by the TA or by the master class instructor one by one or as a list. Step by step instructions can be found in Enroll Students page.

  • The master class instructor may also add students to sections either individually or via uploading a list & then adding them to a specific section of a master class.

    Adding Students from the Master Class homepage Individually by the Master Class Instructor:

  • From the instructor homepage, click on the master class name.



  • Click on the "students" tab to open the student list for this section.

Important to Read

To prevent students from creating duplicated accounts, the instructor can do the followings:

When creating a class on Turnitin, please inform your students with the class ID & enrollment password of your class on the e-learning or via the BUE mail so they can enroll successfully using their BUE mails within a period of time, then change the password secretly so that they won’t enroll again using other accounts.

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