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TurnItIn for Insturctors: User Guides, Manuals & Tutorials: Enroll Students

This guide will help you getting started with Turnitin.

Enrolling your Students

Students can enroll in your class by many ways:

  • Self-enrolling by using "Enroll in a class" option if they already have had accounts on Turnitin or "Reset pasword" option if they forgot their passsword; but if they were 1st time users, then they should create a user profile using the class ID number and class enrollment password.
  • The instructor can enroll students in a class one by one using "Add Student" or by uploading a list of e-mails and student names via "Upload Student List, then a student will receive a confirmation e-mail. If the student has an existing account, the confirmation e-mail contains only notification of the new class enrollment. If the e-mail address was not for an existing student user in Turnitin the confirmation e-mail contains a temporary password and login instructions.

New student user profiles that have never logged in are indicated with a pink highlight over the enrollment date to the left of the student name on the student list page.

Enrolling Students Manually One by One using "Add Student" Option

Enrolling students one by one using "Add Student" option:

  • From the class homepage click on the "students" tab to open the student list for the class
  • Click the "add student" button
    1. Enter the required information - the student first name, last name, and e-mail address (If the e-mail address provided already exists on Turnitin, an e-mail will be sent to the user indicating that the user has been added to a class as a student; but If the e-mail address provided by the instructor has never been used on Turnitin  an e-mail will be sent to the student provided with a temporary password for logging into Turnitin to complete the user profile.)
    2. Click "submit" to enroll the student. A welcome e-mail will be sent to the student.

    Enrolling Students Manually from a List using "Upload Student List" Option

    Enrolling students using "Upload Student List" option:

    An instructor may upload a student list to add to a course. This list must be (100) entries or less. Larger classes may be separated into multiple lists, each of which can be uploaded individually.

    The list must be a Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, or plain text (.txt) file. The first name, last name, and e-mail for each student must be provided. The formatting must be as follows:

    • Microsoft Word or Plain Text:
    • Microsoft Excel:
      John   Doe

    To upload your list of students:

    1. From the class homepage click on the "students" tab to open the student list for the class
    2. Click the "Upload Student List " button
    3. Click the "Browse" button and locate the file containing the student list on the computer. Use the "click here" link to see example lists
    4. Click "Upload List" to upload your list.








    6. The student list will be displayed. Check the displayed list for errors. To submit this list, click "yes, submit." If the incorrect file was selected, choose "no, go back" and select a different file for step 3.
    7. The final screen will display the newly enrolled list of student users.
    8. Click the "return to students" link to return to the class student page, where you can send an email to your class using " Email All Students" link or click on each student's name to view his /her submission.

    Move to the next page to Submit a paper as an instructor for yourself or on behalf a student.

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