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TurnItIn for Insturctors: User Guides, Manuals & Tutorials: Quick Submit

This guide will help you getting started with Turnitin.

Activating Quick Submit

The quick submit feature allows instructors to submit papers and receive Similarity Reports without creating a class or an assignment.

Note: The Quick Submit feature is only available via the Turnitin website.

How to activate quick submit feature

1. To activate quick submit, click User Info from the top of the instructor homepage.

2. On the preferences page, select yes from the activate quick submit drop-down menu.

3. The quick submit tab will appear on the instructor homepage.

Submitting via Quick Submit

How to submit a research paper

1. To start the upload process, click on Quick Submit tab

2. Click on Submit button in the top left corner.

3. Select the databases that the submitted paper or papers will be checked against.

Note: If you check your own work, select Search the internet & Search periodicals, journals and publications only

4. From the 'Submit Papers to drop-down box choose No Repository, so that your research paper will not be saved on Turnitin database.

5. click on the Submit button.

6.Type your first & last name and the paper title

7. Choose the file location, then upload your file.

8. To exclude the reference part from the similarity, open the report then click on Filter and settings, then choose Exclude bibliography

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